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Anonymous sent: you're a "goody-goody." It's a little boring
shatterxiu sent: kill me.

It was simple and clean as the sweetest of melodies that came from above, the hymns of life’s ending passage.

Death was harmonious with life and life was harmonious with death. All things must come to an end but that didn’t mean he could not help bu resist that change.

He stared wide eyed at the unknown boy whom he held in his arms, a wound through his chest from an unfocused Zio coming from his persona. Tears leaked out from his eyes at the action he had taken.

It was a mistake. He had not meant to seize upon the boy. The young man had only been in the wrong place in the wrong time.

He clutched onto his body, drenching him in blood of his first kill.

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xmen-ricky-deactivated20130228 sent: (/smiles mischievously) Kill Me (/closes his eyes smiling and sticking his tongue out)

"You are getting Detention for that cheek."

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xmen-ricky-deactivated20130228 sent: (/opens a black whole and pulls him into it with his power. Makes him travel to the ice cream shop in the city and sits him down on the chair) Annyeong Sacheon! (/cute aegyo, followed by a tight hug) I missed you!! I have not been around you lately.. Mianhe (/lowers head)

He feels a sudden lurch as a hand grabs onto his shirt, dragging him away from his office and into a common place ice cream shop down at the city’s main hub.

Hearing Ricky speak up and hug him tightly, he smiles as he ruffles the younger’s short tuft of hair.

"It’s good to see you again, Ricky," he says with a smile. "I should be the one saying sorry. I haven’t been a very good cousin to you by not making time for you."

"I’m guessing you want a treat?"

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goodbyelizzy sent: -knocks on the door, even though it's open to be polite- Annyeonghaseyo? -smiles when I see you, bows- Professor? I've come to sign up for your Communications class, if you don't mind. You probably have me listed in the registry as Park Sooyoung, but most people call me Lizzy. I'm excited to learn from you.

He looks down at his attendance sheets and spots her name just as she said it would be. “It is a pleasure to meet you Lizzy-san. I hope I shall not disappoint,” he smiles at her. “My name is Jung Yoonhak but you may refer to me as Professor Jung or Professor Yoonhak. Either or shall work.”

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(/kind of wants to quit his job because the highest grade wasn’t even an A) …It is that bad. It’s bad. (/wonders idly if all of his students are incompetent but then realizes he doesn’t care) I hope they all know my favorite kind of coffee if they want to pass. 

"Thinking of taking bribes now I see?" he quirks a brow at him, amusement still playing at his lips. Ridding his face of his smile, he tries to console the irate professor, "I’m sure your class is feeling as stressed as you are right now about their grades."

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(/has been grading papers for the past hour and therefore is basically fried) (/can’t tell if he’s being condescending or not) My students are the most intelligent form of being to walk this earth, why wouldn’t everything be fine? (/sarcastic as fuck)

He could not help to hide the small chuckle that left his lips at the inflection that was used by the other. “I’m sure that it’s not as bad as you think it is,” he says, a small smile still left in his face.

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x-ahjusshi sent: (/looks around the Institute and finds a particular office, Gayoon had given him the directions perfectly, it was /his/ office, he wasn't necessarily fond of the idea that he had to go see this man, it should have been the other way around, but apparently the Prof was too busy, cracking his neck, he knocked on the door and waited).

He looks up at the knock on his door, reports from the Government Office littering his fine mahogany desk, one of them being attached to his cheeks. Ripping the paper of him, he glances at the clock, wondering what time it was.

He’d been stuck in his office since last night. Gayoon was right. He needs a vacation.

With another moment, he speaks up, “Coming!”

He files the reports to one side then walks towards the door. He opens it and says, “Yes?”

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(/shakes head) I’m sorry! That is very rude of me.. (/bows) Anyeong, my name is Lee Minho. I’m a newborn angel sent down to earth to live my life as a human..

"It is a pleasure to be acquainted with you, Tenshi-san. My name is Jung Yoonhak, a Professor of Communications. As to your previous question, I am able to summon the many facets that make up my personality. They are likened to gods and goddesses, demons and deites and titans and heroes past."

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Anonymous sent: The prof should move from his comfort zone to talk to his girlfriend, an anon's 2 cents.

He struggles to find words that would befit an adequate response to the anonymous individual’s proposition. What is there for him to do? Say? Beg for forgiveness? Kneel in front of her? Castrate Hyeongkon so that she would know that it was all an idiotic mistake? The last one tempts him but thinks better of it.

It had started so smoothly, so easily and yet perhaps it had all been doomed to fail. It had began with the simplest of gestures. A simple Hello.

Then came the letters. The Alice. His Alice.

He reaches for the note held on the refrigerator’s door and takes it into his hand, scanning its contents before crumpling it and throwing it to the other side of the room as he leans against the. 

Love can fertilize but when taken in excess it can prick you.

He should have taken heed of those words in a more serious manner  at his last visit with the one who governs over power.

A soft sigh escapes his lips.

Perhaps a breather is needed.

A getaway.

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